NEM System Training

NEM Training

Our training services are focused on getting your IT staff new to NEM, familiarized with NEM related systems and applications. This a quick way of learning the architecture of the NEM related applications/systems so that effective service can be provided to business users with well equipped knowledge by your staff members.

We provide training services on following areas.

  • NEMMCO provided Data replication and applications

Provides an in depth knowledge on data replication architecture on both Infoserver and Parser data replication methods provided by NEMMCO. Focused on maintenance issues, data storage issues and keeping up replication performance levels.


  • Understanding the NEM data stream

Provide insight to available NEM Data structures(MMS data model), relationships between data structures with an aim of developing analysis reports/SQL.

  • Third party reporting application configuration and implementation

Ensure your NEM systems meet new Data Interchange requirements. Read More...

Ensure you receive critical business data on time.

Upgrade your NEM information store to Oracle 11g for cost effective management/storage and improved efficiencies.

Reduce resources and cost by outsourcing NEM support to experts.





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