NEM System Support

NEM System Support

Have your organization's in-house resources utilized elsewhere. Hard to find resources for managing your NEM database system?

Do you have to spend a significant portion of your budget and staff for day-to-day maintenance activities on NEM systems? Do you find that your systems are not up to the current NEM software releases and you have missed vital information that you could have been used for your benefit?

Some or all of these symptoms highlight of the need for a better support/maintenance plan for your business.

Insightpower can provide specialized support /maintenance service on your NEM information systems. We offer to manage

NEM data replication processes, Change evaluations, pre production testing, planning and implementing NEMMCO software releases.

We are actively involved on NEM software releases and keep a close tag on new developments in both technology and market development. With our NEM experience since the evolvement of NEM systems and sound business knowledge combined with the technical expertise we can provide you a specialized maintenance/support services on your NEM systems.

What we can offer

  • Evaluate your NEM data requirements and understand other related systems and applications interacting with NEM data store.

  • Develop suitable data archiving methods combine with summary data strategies to optimize storage and performance.

  • Define suitable maintenance/support plans and service level agreement to meet your business needs

  • Carry out change management role on your NEM systems and Manage NEM IT system changes.

  • Carry out change impact analysis on other related business systems, test and implement NEMMCO software releases.

  • Ensure your business needs are met while lobbying with NEMMCO Market System User Groups.

  • Ensure NEM system performance levels are met with industry standards.

  • Implement automated alerts for proactive maintenance practices to reduce system outages.

  • Meet database backup requirements and disaster recovery solutions.

Other services combined with support

  • Storage management with summary data solutions.
  • Database application developments using SQL/PLSQL
  • As we understand the Electricity Market and NEM data model structures we can develop your reporting solution requirements while using your preferred existing reporting tools.

Ensure your NEM systems meet new Data Interchange requirements. Read More...

Ensure you receive critical business data on time.

Upgrade your NEM information store to Oracle 11g for cost effective management/storage and improved efficiencies.

Reduce resources and cost by outsourcing NEM support to experts.














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