NEM System Performance

NEM System Performance

Have you ever wonder why you have not received that critical information for your analysis report, prevented you from an informed decision?

National Electricity Market (NEM) publishes market information on real-time basis. This information can be mainly categorized in to Market forecast and Market actual information. Both of the kinds are published in every 5minuites and in every 30 minute cycles.

Industry standards have been defined for delivery of these NEM data categories (end to end data delivery business cycles times) to enable market participants to engage in the market effectively.

Receiving the critical data with a reliable and timely manner is vital for your business to leverage your market opportunities in the Electricity market.

Some of the NEM information systems not meeting these standards can be due to various reasons, such as poorly tuned information databases, incorrect configurations, inappropriate archiving strategies, other internal processes interfering with the data replication processes and insufficient bandwidth on connections to NEM systems.

Data Category

Data delivery Business cycle

Published in every


60 Sec




30 min

DISPATCH forecast

60 sec


What we can offer.

  • Establish current performance baseline on data replication.
  • Establish performance measurement indicators on your local NEM information store.
  • Identify hotspots, trends and develop proactive strategies on resolving issues.
  • Carryout System and database audit for optimal performance and efficiency
  • Identify your business needs and architect/re-engineer systems to meet industry standards.

Ensure your NEM systems meet new Data Interchange requirements. Read More...

Ensure you receive critical business data on time.

Upgrade your NEM information store to Oracle 11g for cost effective management/storage and improved efficiencies.

Reduce resources and cost by outsourcing NEM support to experts.







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