NEM Change Management

NEM System Change Management

At INSIGHTPOWER we can manage all NEM system related changes on your behalf by carrying out impact analysis on your existing business applications and IT systems. We can provide advise and services on implementing and rolling out the change.

If not properly planned the changes to the NEM IT systems can cause significant disruptions to existing business applications /services and could incur a significant overhead on implementation.

NEMMCO's current Market Management Software releases falls during mid year and end of year cycles. Implementation of these releases to market participant systems need careful evaluation and good change management practices.

We can provide these services effectively by reducing the need for allocating your valuable internal IT resources.

Stay on top of market system changes for receiving new market information as these information is useful for your competitive analysis tasks.

  • Analyze business impact, develop change management plan for existing applications.

  • Develop Change implementation plan and rolling out to your preproduction, production systems.

  • Develop test scenarios and verifying new implementation for correct functionality.

  • Ensuring business application continuity.

  • We can carry out system reviews on your current systems to verify whether your current systems are up to the current NEMMCO released versions.

Ensure your NEM systems meet new Data Interchange requirements. Read More...

Ensure you receive critical business data on time.

Upgrade your NEM information store to Oracle 11g for cost effective management/storage and improved efficiencies.

Reduce resources and cost by outsourcing NEM support to experts.




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