NEM Analysis

NEM Analysis

With our wide experience in NEM we can offer following services on building up your NEM analysis systems. Having a well designed analysis system will help to simplify the analysis tasks and can improve efficiencies and accuracy.

We understand the data structures and data volumes in the concept of NEM. With the continuous familiarity with the MMS Data model we can design your analysis reports in the most efficient manner.

Discuss your next complicated NEM analysis requirement with us and see how we can simplify your task.

What we can offer:

Identify the data requirements for analysis tasks. Develop SQL/PLQL for extracting data, result sets for analysis.

Develop Summary data solutions for improved analysis tasks.

Build Data archiving and purging strategies to help analysis tasks.

Database performance tuning to match analysis tasks.

Build complex analysis reports in database PLSQL and pass result sets to standard reporting engines

automate repetitive analysis tasks.

Manage analysis business logics in back end database systems rather than fragmented Excel spread sheets.

Simplify data intensive analysis tasks to just simple reports from user perspective

Managed analysis system environments rather than fragmented desktop analysis spreadsheets.

Improved automated flow of information from other parts of business for completeness of analysis.

Ensure your NEM systems meet new Data Interchange requirements. Read More...

Ensure you receive critical business data on time.

Upgrade your NEM information store to Oracle 11g for cost effective management/storage and improved efficiencies.

Reduce resources and cost by outsourcing NEM support to experts.








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