Why Us

Why Insightpower

At INSIGHTPOWER we believe careful planning and better communication between our clients and ourselves are the key factors to a successful delivery of software projects. Our processes are designed for capturing accurate business requirements, development of necessary documentation, developing risk management strategies, change management, solution development and testing using best software engineering practices, better project management skills and achieving quality and timely delivery.

Experience across most segments in Energy Market

We have experience and expertise in the Energy industry covering most sectors within the industry. some of our proven experience falls in to energy trading, retail market, contract management, risk management , billing and energy settlement and energy metering areas within the energy industry.

Technology and Market development awareness

We keep a close tag on NEM IT system development as a result of continuously evolving market changes/development. Actively engage in related user group forums with valuable contributions. Our aim is to deliver the best outcomes to our client with the best equipped knowledge on technology and NEM development.

Prepare Requirement Definitions

Suitable for companies who need quick turnaround resources for well identified project outcomes but where detailed requirements are not clearly defined. While we consider this phase of accurately identifying the customer requirements is the mostly important part for meeting the user expectation.

By having a series of meeting with your project stakeholders we can develop and document the requirement specifications for such projects with little resources from your end. We can collate your dot formatted emails, small discussions, informal meetings, work flow observations on to comprehensive documents for better understanding your requirements.

On-time Delivery

Our focus is to deliver with accuracy and completeness. With our experience in the Energy sector, effective project management skills, competent programmers and testing tools we are able to deliver your projects on time. We have received excellent feedback from our clients for on-time delivery with correctly implemented functionality and usability.

We detail the work pieces during the planning stage to meet the requirements with identified risks and mitigation strategy. Take measures for all the resource requirements including hardware, software and preparation of development and testing environments.


Comprehensive test programs are developed. We can adopt to your preferred test methodologies or use our own test program methodologies and templates. Identified issues are then managed within the concept of an issue register.

Project Management

Have difficulty on allocating resources for project management tasks? We can help you to achieve your goals.
we can provide project management services on your behalf . An agreed communication framework can be used for regular project updates to project owners as the project get rollover.















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