Effective processes are necessary for quality software product delivery. We recognize the difference on content and processes. For a delivery of high quality content, relevant processes are to be well defined and managed.

Requirement Management

No project will start and finish with out any changes on the requirements definition. With today's rapidly changing business environments new requirements are constantly evolving. We minimize these requirement changes by having close understanding of the clients business process model with the in depth analysis of requirements during the initial phase.

Stakeholders Support

Project outcomes can be highly influences by Stakeholder support. We develop business relationships with our project stakeholders for identifying any 'important-support' gaps and take steps on getting the best support from stakeholders during the cycle of a project.

Issue Management

With the concept of issue register we manage all arising issues during the phase of a project. From the identification of an issue, followed by evaluation, risk assessment, solution development, implementation and review are carefully managed. Regular updates on the issue register status are communicated back to the project team.

Risk Management

We develop a risk mitigation plan for the identified risks during a project. Risk management is not limited to the implementation stage but will apply on all phases during a project. When a risk is identified we evaluate, analyze and develop a mitigation strategy.

Change Control

We follow several change control methods over the areas of project scope changes, solution design changes, project documentation, software source code development, software releases. We believe that unauthorized/unmanaged changes will corrupt the intended baseline of outcomes and eventually lead to poor quality.
Change is managed with impact analysis and effective communication methods to the effected parties.

Software development life cycle (SDLC)

Adopting the right SDLC is a critical early decision in a project. We select the appropriate SDLC based on the project. All the projects are not identical. We change and customize a given SDLC to suite the business needs of the project.

Post Implementation Review

Post implementation reviews are measures for ensuring our customers to entrust that what we delivered are what we agree. This feedback will allow us to customize our processes to suite an individual organizations needs as we believe any governance in this area need to be mutually agreeable for achieving effective results.














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