With our experience in project delivery over the years we have developed the ‘iPPM’ project methodology for delivering our services to our clients. Build on four pillars 'iPPM' is based on our core values, processes, management, communication coupled with best industry standards and practices. With this successful methodology we have been able to deliver our client projects on time, within budgets meeting usually high user expectation.

Core Values

We believe our core values on innovation, integrity, quality and team work which provide us a way forward for best client relationships.


With our ability in creative problem solving with lateral thinking we have been able to find creative and innovative solutions now and in the past. While we embrace spending our resources on learning on new technology developments and research we also 'think outside the box' when it comes to solution development.


We deal with all our clients with an open and transparent manner. We always take the approach for 'doing the things in the right manner' for protecting our clients with the long term benefits.


Our aim is to keep our credit on outstanding quality. We have managed to deliver our solutions with no/insignificant rework when it comes to production releases. We have archived these targets with well planed solution designs and well managed processes to deliver a quality product to our customers.

Team Play

Either it may be internally, or with external teams we value contributions from each team player are extremely valuable. Understanding each team members requirements are core to a successful team trying to achieve a common goal.







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